OpenAir Downloads

Provided by XcAustralia using Airspace data valid from
10th November 2016 Airservices DAH & Airservices ERSA

Aerodrome waypoints and alternate format airspace files
(LK8000, XCSoar, See You & LXNav)

Class A
Class C
Class D
Class E
Class Q
Class R
Class CTR
Class E Frequency Boundaries
Class Area Frequency Boundaries

All Classes

All Classes
Except Area Frequency Boundaries

All Classes
Except E Class Freq.Boundaries & Area Freq.Boundaries

All Classes
Except CTAF & E Class Freq.Boundaries & Area Freq.Boundaries

Many many thanks to:

  • David Wheeler (US) wrote the inital code. Look Here
  • Stein Sorensen (NO) coded GpsDump for Google API conversion
  • Matt Rosser (AU) for coding and implementation
  • Andreas Rieck (DE) for some code improvements and re-design
  • Rod Merigan (AU) for helping format OpenAir data
  • Steve Nagle (AU) wrote Linux code for conversion to OpenAir format
  • David May (IE) for code improvements & added functions (IHPA)
  • John Blyth (AU) for converting the ERSA to OpenAir format
  • Australian Airspace Regulations
  • Current Notam's Available here
  • CASA - safe skies for all - such a project couldn't happen without them :-)
  • CTAF operations information from CASA Available here
  • Australian OpenAir Airspace file Download

Matt Rosser
XcAustralia Administrator

provided by XcAustralia using Airspace data valid 10th November 2016 from Airservices DAH & Airservices ERSA

Mirror of AirCheck here.

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